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Sunday, April 22, 2012

My hair journey

I am not very good at putting pictures on the blog, so I am making up for lost time.  Here are a few of me over the last several months.

I love this picture!  I think we took it to document how pale my skin was.  
My last day of chemo, ringing the bell Yeah!!!  Not looking so good though
No eyebrows or eyelashes, and I was feeling pretty sick.
Close up of my bald head.  
Hair is starting to come back a little bit.  I think this was taken in early March
This is crazy, but my nails thrived during chemo.    This picture was taken during my blood transfusion.  My skin is starting to look a little more pink.  
Cabo San Lucas in Early February, still bald.
Paul and I on the beach
Right after the whale watching trip
My hair today, April 22nd


  1. cute hair! we are twins now! :-)

    1. I wish mine would lay down like yours. It wants to poke up in the middle like a Mohawk. Have you evened yours out at all? I keep wondering if it would stay down better if I trimmed it. Hope you are doing better after the surgery. If you need a good laugh, you can think about how I thought your super cute young sister-in-law was your daughter. Hahaha:)

  2. Lookin' great, Nancy! Thanks for posting the pictures. How are you feeling? How does radiation compare to the chemo?

    1. Radiation was not a big deal. My skin is a little red, but not bad. I feel great, but I'm not sure how long it will last because I started 2 new medications today that will put me into menopause:(

  3. Liking the new look. I know you think that you didn't have any choice but to be brave, but I thank you for your example.

    1. Thanks, I think I will keep it short for a while. Its nice to be able to get ready super fast:)